How To Stream Casino Games

 The Casino Games section on Twitch is growing daily with Top Streamers reaching over 500 viewers per stream.

This provides a great platform to build a strong following if you have the patience, effort and time required to grow a successful Twitch channel.

Streaming can be a very enjoyable experience and the Casino Games section is full of people who share a common interest, gambling :).

The most important aspects of streaming are as follows…

  1. PC & Internet Requirements
  2. Accounts & Software
    – Twitch Account
    * Settings
    – Casino Account
    – OBS Software
    * Settings
    AnkhBot (coming soon)
  3. Stream Layout & Features
    – OBS Stream Layout
    – Onscreen Chat
    TwitchAlerts (coming soon)
    * Recent Donations (coming soon)
    Viewer Count (coming soon)
  4. The Do’s and Don’ts
  5. Create a Schedule
  6. Social Media (coming soon)
  7. Multi-streaming (coming soon)

1. PC & Internet Requirements

PC Requirements

Streaming on Twitch can be very resource heavy so you need to make sure your computer is capable of running such demanding tasks.

You will need at least 8gb RAM for starters, and a suitable multi-core processor such as an i7 920.

Internet Requirements

We recommend you stick with a wired connection from your router to your PC and avoid any streaming over a wireless connection to avoid dropped frame issues in OBS.

An internet connection of over 5mb download and 5mb upload is essential so ensure you can stream your activity with at least 720p resolution.

Test Your Internet Connection: Here

2. Accounts & Software

In order to have a successful stream you need the relative accounts and software.


The most important account you’ll need to start things off is Twitch.

Twitch is the most popular platform for streaming Casino Games at present, but YouTube is a close second.

The most important thing to think about before creating a Twitch account is…

Your Username

This is essentially your branding and is very important, remember you’ll need to use the exact same name on social media accounts too e.g Twitter, so pick one that is available on all.

Once you have picked this username then you’re stuck with it (unless you signup again), so choose carefully.

Twitch Settings

You will need a “Stream Key” in order to stream your activity on Twitch.

You can get your Stream Key by simply accessing your Dashboard area on Twitch and then clicking the “Stream Key” link like this…


A popup should appear, click Accept and then copy and paste this Stream Key into a notepad file as you’ll need this for later.

Casino Account

We recommend using Casumo as a starting point, as this is a well respected Casino that does not allow free play so your viewers instantly know you’re betting with real money.

OBS Software

OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is the most popular open source solution for streaming your Casino Game activity on Twitch (and other sources).

I use OBS to stream Casino Slots 5 days a week and it never lets me down.

I recommend you use the 64-bit version of OBS (if you have a 64-bit Operating System).

Download: Here

When the OBS software installs it will create a 32-bit version of the software on your desktop, you will want to use the 64-bit version.

Default 64-bit Windows Location: C:Program FilesOBS

OBS Settings

Once you have installed OBS, open the software…


Note the 64-bit text in the window title, this shows that you are running the correct version.

Once you have the software open click the “Settings” button located at the bottom.

OBS Settings

Now click the “Encoding” tab located to the left of the Settings menu.

OBS Settings - Encoding

Take note of these settings carefully.

Ensure the “x264” Encoder is enabled.

Enable “Use CBR” and “Enable CBR Padding” to assist with video compression.

Your Max Bitrate value can be altered to suit your setup, i stream at 960p so require a bit higher Bitrate than normal, if you stream at 720p then you might be ok with around 2000kb/s Bitrate.

I always stream with an Audio Bitrate of 160 to ensure the quality is good for my viewers.

OBS Settings - Broadcasting

The “Broadcast Settings” tab contains settings on how OBS communicates with Twitch.

Select Mode “Live Stream”

Select Streaming Service “Twitch”

Pick your nearest location in the “FMS URL:” dropdown box.

The “Play Path/Stream Key” is located in your Twitch Dashboard > Stream Key

If you copied this from earlier, enter it now.

OBS Settings - Video

The “Video” tab in settings controls what resolution and quality your stream will be.

I recommend you use 1280×720 resolution with the Filter “Lanczos (best detail, 36 samples) with an FPS of 30.

I personally use 1706×960 as i have a 27” monitor, feel free to experiment with setting yourself.

OBS Settings - Audio

Ensure the “Desktop Audio Device” is set to your preferred setting, ie Desktop Speakers or Headphones.

Set the “Microphone” option to your installed Microphone, or leave as Default if it’s set as Default in Windows.

Leave all the other settings as they are.

OBS Settings - Advanced

These are the settings i use in the “Advanced” tab, you are welcome to use the same or tweak to your needs.

OBS Settings - Microphone Noise Gate

The “Microphone Noise Gate” area is one of the most important tabs, as this will help you drown out as much background noise as possible when streaming.

The key to this is to ensure the “Close Threshold” is 4db above the loudest noise (indicated by the green bar), and the “Open Threshold” is 6db above the closed.

I use a Blue Yeti microphone and it works really well with OBS Noise Gate.


The next account you need is TwitchAlerts.

Signup: Here

TwitchAlerts uses your Twitch account (so make sure you signup first), and it allows you to display things like Follows, Donations and Hosts to your viewers which is great for interaction.

When you first login to TwitchAlerts you’ll want to head to the “Donation Settings” page and enter PayPal and/or Credit Card details.

Twitch Alerts - Donaton Settings

This will allow you to accept donations from your viewers which can be an important funding factor for redeposits at the Casino.

The next area of TwitchAlerts that needs your attention is “Alert Box”.

Twitch Alerts - Alert Box

The area of the above screenshot i highlighted in red is the URL you need to add to OBS as a “Browser Source”, this will display your latest Follower, Donation, Host etc

3. Stream Layout and Features

The next thing to do is create an appealing Twitch layout, which your viewers will see.

OBS Stream Layout

This is how I, NickSlots, have my OBS layout setup.

OBS Twitch Layout

This is the basic structure i use.

OBS Twitch Layout - Annotated

This structure is the foundation of your stream.

The Key Features: Webcam, Chat, Branding, Top Donations and Promotion

In order to achieve a similar layout you will need basic Photoshop skills, or you can hire someone on Fiverr to make you a logo.

There are some free Twitch layouts here.

Now in my Twitch setup i use Two monitors, like this…

NickSlots Setup

The left monitor (27″) is used to display OBS, TwitchAlerts, Twitch Chat and YouTube chat.

The right monitor (27″) is used to display the Casino Slots.

In order for this to work in OBS i need to first create a “Scene” by right clicking under the “Scenes” panel and click “Add Scene”.

Once you have created a Scene, you need to then right click under “Sources” and click “Add” then “Monitor Capture”, and you should see something like this…

OBS Settings - Monitor Capture

Note: If you don’t have a second monitor you can simply use the “Window Capture” Scene in OBS and then select the Casino Slots window from your browser.

Take note of the “Sub-Region” option, click the tick box and then click “Select Region”, this will allow you to select a specific area of the monitor to display to your viewers, like this…

OBS Setting s- Monitor Capture: Sub Region

Note how i only selected the area which displays the website, and not the top of the browser etc as you don’t want to display this on stream, as it’s wasted space.

Once you are happy with this selection click Ok and then Ok again.

Now click “Preview Stream” and the Casino website should be displayed in your OBS with none of the browser in view.

Now that you have your Casino Slots window in view on OBS, you can start by adding other features…

OBS - Add Sources

You can add images such as your logo using the “Image” option, CLR Browser which is used for things like TwitchAlerts, Video Capture Device which is your webcam and Game Capture which is for PC Game windows.

Have a play with each of these and learn the in’s and out’s of the program.

On Screen Chat

Displaying a chat room on your stream is very simple, by using the NightDev KapChat source.

Chat Setup: Here

Make sure you have OBS installed with the Browser plugin and then after you enter the relative details on the NightDev KapChat page you will get an URL, simply enter this URL as a “Browser Source” in OBS and your chat room from Twitch should be displayed.

I use the same chat room on all my streams and it works very well.

4. The Do’s and Don’ts

Anyone can stream on Twitch and YouTube, but not anyone can make a successful channel with regular viewers and consistent high viewer figures.

Here at Casino Grounds we pride ourselves in streaming only the best Casino Games content available from multiple reputable Casino’s.

Here is a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” which we try and follow every stream, and you should too.

The Do’s

  1. Always be polite to your viewers
  2. Create a schedule and stick to it!
  3. Talk as much as you can, someone just streaming slots with no talk is very boring
  4. Play a good variety of slots from as many providers as you can
  5. Ignore the trolls (especially on YouTube)
  6. Host regular raffles with prizes funded by yourself and/or the Casino
  7. Try and thank every new follower, and especially thank those who donate
  8. Get some moderators in your channel, CG staff will gladly help with this
  9. Have fun! Yes this is obvious, but a fun stream is a good stream

The Don’ts

  1. Never play beyond your budget, streaming slots can be expensive!
  2. Never communicate with trolls, just ban them
  3. Avoid tilting when playing slots, just remember that maintaining your balance will lead to a longer and potentially more profitable stream

Just remember it can take months to grow your channel to a point where it’s profitable to stream slots, try and be patient.

If you are a Casino Grounds partner then we will do our best to bump up your viewer count.

5. Create a Schedule

A streaming schedule is very important both for yourself and your viewers.

If you pick a specific time during the week to stream then you know to get ready on that particular day, it’s a mental thing and helps you plan your week.

I personally stream Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm GMT and i have stuck to this schedule for over 5 months now and my viewers love it, as they know to join my channel at that particular time each day.

This is why it’s important for both you and your viewers, especially when you get popular as your viewers won’t want to miss out on any stream time! ?